Friday, August 27, 2010


What's Haiku?
Nothing much. What's Haiku with you?

OK. So it's been awhile. I have no excuse. At least none that I really want to get into here.

I have missed regular writing very much, so I'm going to step up my game. But I need to dip my toe in the water a bit. So I am presenting some musing in the form of haiku. Why - you ask? Why not!

Bette Davis said
Getting old’s not for sissies.
But I’m a sissy!

Grey, grey go away!
Shut up and stop complaining.
You still have your hair.

I don’t mind grey hair.
I wish someone had told me
You get it down there.

I would have thought that
By the time I had wrinkles
I’d have no more zits.

Single at Forty.
Not ideal for a gay guy.
Maybe I’ll go straight.

What? You’re how old?
Twenty-three? Jesus, that’s young!
… Don’t call me Daddy.

My knees always crack
When I get up from a chair.
What’s that all about?

Hello beer belly!
Just how did you come to be
Without drinking beer?

I hear that they say
Forty is the new thirty.
Three words: Fuck you, they.

Haikus are ideal
For public introspection.
Terse and glib, yet deep.

I’d imagined that
By now, I’d be more settled.
Meh, I’ve still got time.

My thirties were great!
But now? Fuck! Forty’s looming!
Christ, I need a drink…

My God! So much angst!
Is it because I’m halfway
To death? I guess so. 

It’s really not bad.
I just feel like complaining.
It’s a lot more fun.

See y'all soon. I promise!

Who the hell is this James guy anyway?

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